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Understanding Foundation Repair in Kennedale, Texas

Kennedale, a charming town near Fort Worth, faces unique foundation challenges due to its soil composition and climate. Foundation Repair in Kennedale, Texas, is a critical service for homeowners to maintain the integrity and value of their properties.

Kennedale Texas Foundation Repair

Foundation Repair Methods Near Fort Worth

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

In Kennedale, just a stone’s throw from Fort Worth, pier and beam foundations are common. This repair process often involves:

  • Adjusting or Replacing Piers: Ensuring they properly support the structure.
  • Shimming with Steel: To achieve the correct level.
  • Adding Additional Supports: If necessary, to strengthen the foundation.

Slab Foundation Repair

Slab foundations, prevalent in the Kennedale and Fort Worth area, might require:

  • Concrete Slabjacking: Lifting and leveling the concrete slab.
  • Epoxy Injections: To seal cracks effectively.
  • Soil Stabilization: To prevent future shifting or settling.

Differences Between Pier and Beam & Slab Foundation Repair

In the Kennedale and Fort Worth region, understanding the differences between these two types of foundations is vital for effective repair:

  • Pier and Beam: Offers easier access for repairs but can be more susceptible to moisture issues.
  • Slab Foundation: Generally less prone to moisture problems but can be more challenging to access for repairs.

Tips on Foundation Maintenance Near Fort Worth

Regular maintenance can prevent significant issues in your Kennedale home’s foundation. Some tips include:

  • Maintaining Consistent Soil Moisture: To prevent expansion and contraction that can damage foundations.
  • Regular Inspections: Especially after extreme weather conditions.
  • Promptly Addressing Minor Repairs: To avoid larger issues down the road.

Choose Brothers Foundation Repair in Fort Worth

For your Kennedale Texas Foundation Repair needs, consider Brothers Foundation Repair, located near Fort Worth. Our team specializes in both pier and beam and slab foundation repairs, offering:

  • Free Foundation Inspections: To accurately assess your needs.
  • Customized Repair Plans: Tailored to your specific foundation type.
  • Expertise in Local Foundation Challenges: Understanding Kennedale’s unique foundation issues.

Contact Us Today

If you’re in Kennedale or nearby Fort Worth and facing foundation concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out. Call Brothers Foundation Repair at 817-320-2556 for a free inspection and expert foundation repair services.

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