Cost To Repair Foundation – Everything You Need To Know

Foundation Problems Fort Worth

Many homeowners with cracks in their home find themselves asking “What does it cost to repair foundation?”

There are many factors that can contribute to foundation repair costs. 

Today we will cover most situations. If you find that you still have questions, please reach out and we will give you the answers you need.

Foundation Repair Cost Factors

There are many factors that could influence the cost to repair foundation. Surprisingly, the most important factor is not, what repairs are necessary. The cost to repair foundation is most predicated on WHO is repairing the foundation.

Please be aware that no foundation repair company entirely estimates your house off of the amount of piers alone.

Foundation Cost Factors:

  • Length Of Warranty
  • Type Of Repairs
  • Extent Of Repairs
  • Soil Content
  • Company Overhead
  • Engineers Reports
  • City Permits
  • Drainage Issues
  • Building Construction
  • Age of Structure

Remember: Not every foundation contractor is the same. Companies that do not charge enough may not be able to honor their warranty or repair the full extent of the damages.

Cost To Repair Slab Foundation

Slab foundations are arguably the least expensive to repair. Slabs are just concrete foundations, the whole thing is one large piece of concrete, usually reinforced with steel. Because the slab moves uniformly and the perimeter is the only area exposed to the elements, most issues arise on the perimeter footing.  Slab settlement repair cost can be minimal as long as the damage is contained to the outside of the slab. If the interior of the slab has sunk, you may need breakout piers or tunneling, this can add up fast.

Because the slab moves uniformly and the perimeter is the only area exposed to the elements, most issues arise on the perimeter footing.  Slab settlement repair cost can be minimal as long as the damage is contained to the outside of the slab. If the interior of the slab has sunk, you may need breakout piers or tunneling, this can add up fast.

Once a foundation has raised or declined in excess of .7 inches the area will require foundation repair. Typically the foundation is raised in one of two ways: concrete pressure piers or steel pressure piers.

Exterior Foundation Damage

If your only foundation issue is on the perimeter, you can expect to pay between $350 – $450 a pier for concrete pressure piers. Steel piers are more expensive, costing roughly $500-$650 a pier. Piers are typically spaced 5-6 feet apart on one story homes. Two story homes should be repaired spacing piers 4-5 feet apart.

Interior Foundation Damage

If it is found that the interior of the foundation is sinking, interior piers will be necessary. Note: Many interior foundation issues arise from plumbing leaks.

Slab foundations constructed using rebar can be lifted more uniformly than post-tension slabs. This is because the interior steel skeleton will allow any pier installed on a beam to lift the house in five foot radius. Post tension slabs do not have this reinforcement and will therefore require more piers to repair.

Interior foundation repair offers two viable methods: Breakout piers or tunneling.

Breaking through the slab foundation along the interior beams to install piers is much cheaper than tunneling, but will damage your floor in the area of repair. Most foundation companies offering this service will repour concrete in the area of pier installation and use rebar to tie it back into the foundation.

Concrete breakout piers typically cost between $400-$550 each. Remember, pier cost is only for estimating purposes. Your cost to repair foundation depends uniquely on your home and situation.

Tunneling beneath the foundation and installing piers along the interior beams will increase the cost to repair foundation but offers many benefits.

Concrete Breakout Piers

Because most interior foundation issues come from plumbing leaks, both issues need to be addressed. To fix the leak, a plumber will need to tunnel beneath the home as well.

By hiring a foundation company to coordinate their tunneling with the plumber you can save hundreds of dollars per linear foot. All plumbers will subcontract the tunneling and then upcharge you, most foundation companies conduct their own tunneling.

Foundation tunneling is charged by the linear foot. You can expect to pay approximately $200-$300 per linear foot for the first ten feet. Because labor costs increase as the length of the tunnel increases, the price per LF between ten-twenty feet is $300-$400. Do not forget, that this does not include the installation of the piers which will average $400.

The cost to repair foundations of monolithic concrete are more straightforward. Though interior foundation damages could significantly increase the cost of your repairs.

Cost To Repair Pier and Beam Foundation

Exterior Foundation Damage

The cost to repair foundations with Piers and beams depend on the variant. Pier and Beam foundations are constructed in two variants: With or without a Concrete Perimeter Footing.

In homes that do not have a concrete footing, concrete block piers are used on both the interior and exterior of the home. These piers cost an average of $200 – $300 per pier. Factors that may increase cost to repair foundation include the removal of siding, the installation of vents, tree removal, and new lumber installation.

Like slab foundations, when the perimeter has dropped on a pier and beam foundation, concrete pressure piers are used. These cost approximately $350 – $450 a pier. Piers should be spaced 5-6 Feet apart on one stories and 4-5 feet apart in two stories.

New Concrete Perimeter Footing

There are rare occasions in which the concrete perimeter footing is broken. If this is the case, a new perimeter beam will have to be poured.

Pouring a new concrete footing on a pier and beam home is the most work intensive, complicated, and long lasting solution. If your objective is for the home to stand firm for a lifetime, consider this solution.

Cost to repair foundation

A new concrete footing on a pier and beam home will cost approximately $150 – $200 per linear foot. Factors that may increase cost to repair foundation include the removal of siding, the installation of vents, tree removal, brick ledges, and new lumber installation.

However, because this process is so intensive, the minimum charge for such work averages $4,500-$5,500 if you are only adding a beam to sections of the home.

Interior Foundation Damage

Unlike slab foundations, there are many more interior components that may influence the cost to repair foundations.

Pier and Beam Cost Factors May Include:

  • Replacement of Substandard Materials
  • Soil Removal
  • Backfilling
  • Floor Removal
  • New Pier Installation
  • Pier Readjustment
  • Debris Removal
  • New Lumber Installation

Check out our pier and beam foundation repair ultimate guide!

With these factors in mind, recognize that the prices to follow WILL vary depending on your budget, soil, age and construction of the current structure.

There are 2 types interior foundation piers that may be used: Concrete block piers and formed concrete column piers.

Concrete block piers are less expensive, costing approximately $200 – $300 per pier.

Formed concrete column piers, can support more weight, last longer and cost approximately $400-$500 per pier.

Additionally, a concrete footing, may be constructed beneath each pier. This prevents soil erosion and increases stability. Each footing may cost between $50 – $150.

The cost to repair foundations varies greatly, especially in pier and beam homes. Because each pier and beam home is so unique and puzzling, only trust experts to repair them. If a company not specialized in pier and beam repairs the home, more problems will certainly arise.

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

Is foundation repair covered by insurance?

You may be wondering how much the repairs are going to cost you, or you may be looking at an estimate you already got and thinking, “I can’t pay for this.”

There may be a glimmer of hope. If your foundation damage was caused by a plumbing issue, there is a chance that your insurance may pay for it. It would be wise to ask the company who gave you an estimate if the damages were from a leak. If so file a claim and put them in contact with the foundation company. You may just end up saving yourself some money.


The cost to repair foundation relies significantly upon your situation. The solution for a home to be sold versus a home to be passed down for generations will be quite different.

The most common repair methods are strictly concrete cylinder piers ($375 – $500) and concrete block piers ($200 – $300). Using these prices you can get a rough estimate of your foundation repair cost.

However, most foundation estimates are not calculated per pier. There are a multitude of factors that influence every job. These factors are taken in to consideration by a foundation company when they price the cost to repair foundation.

Discover effective methods for pier and beam foundation repair. Explore proven techniques for addressing foundation issues, ensuring the stability and longevity of your structure. Trust our expertise in providing reliable pier and beam foundation repair solutions.

Read each estimate thoroughly and ensure that the necessary items are included.

If you have any difficulty understanding why a certain repair method was chosen on your house, or do not know if your quote is fair. Give Brothers Foundation a call if you are in the DFW area. We are one of only a few companies that will repair your pier and beam home, and we are certainly the best.

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