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At Brothers Foundation Repair, we see our role as more than just service providers; we’re your partners in ensuring the safety and stability of your home. 


Welcome to Brothers Foundation Repair, where our 30 years of expertise in slab foundation repair in Fort Worth come to your rescue. With a deep understanding of local soil conditions and a commitment to using the latest techniques, we’re dedicated to providing long-lasting solutions to your foundation problems. Whether it’s your home showing signs of settling, a slab leak, or you’re just being proactive, our team is here to ensure the stability and safety of your property with our trusted, expert services.

To get you started, we offer free inspections, allowing you to understand the condition of your foundation without any upfront costs. This no-obligation service is part of our commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction, ensuring you have all the information you need to make the best decision for your home.

What Happened To Your Slab Foundation?

Slab foundations often face issues primarily due to soil movement beneath them. The soil’s expansion and contraction with moisture changes can lead to the foundation shifting or cracking.

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Foundation Problems Fort Worth

Slab Foundation Issues

When slab foundations experience issues, the impact on the home can be quite noticeable and progressively worsens over time:

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Get a free inspection for your home’s foundation today with Brothers Foundation Repair. Our expert team will swiftly assess your property, helping you identify any issues or confirming that everything is in good condition. Contact us now to schedule your complimentary inspection and gain peace of mind about your home’s foundation health.

Slab Foundation Repair Options

When it comes to repairing slab foundations, there are several effective repair options available.

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Commercial Foundation Repair

We Can Handle Any Repairs You Need

Scheduling a foundation inspection with Brothers Foundation Repair as soon as you notice potential issues is crucial. Don’t wait for small problems to become big ones – safeguard your home today by scheduling an inspection with our experienced team.

At Brothers Foundation Repair, reliability is at the core of everything we do.

With over three decades of experience in Fort Worth, we’ve built a reputation for effectively halting foundation problems in their tracks. Our skilled team specializes in not just stopping cracks from spreading but also in implementing solutions that preserve and protect the value of your home. By choosing us, you’re entrusting your property to a company known for its steadfast commitment to quality and lasting results. Let us help you maintain the integrity and value of your home with our trusted foundation repair services.


signs that my slab foundation needs repair?

Key indicators include visible cracks in the floors or walls of your home, doors and windows that stick or won’t close properly, and any signs of uneven or sloping floors. These symptoms suggest that your foundation may be shifting or settling and needs professional attention.

How long does a typical slab foundation repair take?

Most slab foundation repairs are completed within a single day. Our team works efficiently to ensure that the job is done quickly without compromising on quality, minimizing the impact on your schedule.

Is slab foundation repair disruptive to my daily routine?

Generally, our repair process is not disruptive. The majority of our work is done outside, and you can continue with your daily activities as usual. Only in cases where interior piers are required does it become slightly more intrusive, but we always aim to keep disruption to a minimum.

Will the repairs be noticeable?

Our repairs are designed to be as unnoticeable as possible. Post-repair, you may notice that existing cracks in walls have closed, indicating the foundation’s stabilization. In cases where we need to break out concrete, there will be a patch, but we ensure it blends as seamlessly as possible with your existing structure.

How much does slab foundation repair cost?

The cost can vary depending on the specific needs of your foundation. We provide a free inspection to assess the extent of the damage and offer an accurate estimate. Our goal is to provide effective, long-lasting solutions at a fair price.

Is the work guaranteed or warrantied?

Yes, we offer a warranty on our work. The specifics of the warranty will be detailed in your service agreement, ensuring you have peace of mind knowing that our repairs are guaranteed for quality and durability.

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