Pier and Beam Foundation Repair

At Brothers Foundation Repair, we’re not just contractors; we’re your dedicated partners in safeguarding the integrity and comfort of your historical home. Specializing in pier and beam foundation repair in Fort Worth, we bring over 30 years of specialized experience to every project.


Pier and beam foundations, known for their durability and ease of access for repairs, can encounter their own unique set of challenges. Our expertise lies in accurately diagnosing and resolving these specific issues, from raising or replacing deteriorated beams to completely reconstructing your entire foundation.

Contact us today, we offer free inspections, so that you can restore your historical home and watch is stand tall for generations. 

What Happened To Your Pier & Beam Foundation?

Pier and beam foundations often face issues primarily moisture intrusion, age of the structure, and rapidly expansive or contracting soils.

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Foundation Problems Fort Worth

Pier and Beam Foundation Issues

When pier and beam foundations experience issues, they can be detect through numerous signs

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Pier & Beam Foundation Repair Options

Because pier and beam homes have so many moving parts, repairs are not straightforward. These are potential repair methods:

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Commercial Foundation Repair

We Can Accurately Asses Your Home For Free

Not only are our inspections free, they are thorough. Get an in depth review of you home, crawlspace, and any factors that may negatively affect your home.

We make the most thorough and calculated repairs in DFW.

With over three decades of experience revitalizing pier and beam homes in Fort Worth, we’ve built a reputation for effectively repairing historical homes. Our inspectors and senior consultants specialize in not just stopping cracks from spreading but also in implementing solutions that preserve and protect the value of your home. Let us restore your historical home so that your generations to come can experience growing up in the same house you did.



Key indicators that your pier and beam foundation may require attention include sloping or bouncy floors, visible gaps between the floor and baseboards, or hearing creaks and groans in the flooring. Unusual moisture in crawl spaces or signs of wood rot can also signal that repairs are needed. These symptoms suggest that the structural components of your foundation may be compromised and require professional assessment.

How long do typical Pier and beam foundation repairs take?

Most pier and beam foundation repairs can be completed efficiently, often in less than a day. Our experienced team works quickly to ensure that your home is stabilized with minimal downtime, aiming to restore the integrity of your foundation as swiftly as possible.

Is Pier & beam foundation repair disruptive to my daily routine?

Our repair process is designed to be minimally disruptive. Since pier and beam foundations allow for access from the crawl space, most of the work is done underneath the home, which means your daily life upstairs can go on as usual. Even when repairs are more extensive, we coordinate with you to manage any necessary disruptions effectively.

Will the repairs be noticeable?

Repairs to pier and beam foundations typically are not visible, as the work is done underneath the house. Our goal is to restore functionality and safety without altering the appearance of your home. Any necessary alterations made to the exterior entry points to the crawl space will be done with care to ensure they blend with your home’s design.

How much does pier & beam foundation repair cost?

The cost for pier and beam foundation repairs varies based on the extent of damage and the specific repairs needed. We provide a free inspection and estimate to give you a clear understanding of potential costs. Our commitment is to provide affordable, transparent pricing for high-quality repairs that ensure the longevity of your home.

Is the work guaranteed or warrantied?

Yes, all our pier and beam foundation repair work comes with a guarantee of service. We provide you with a detailed warranty outlining what is covered, giving you confidence in the durability and quality of our repairs. Our commitment to your home’s integrity is backed by our assurance of workmanship.


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