22 Signs Of Foundation Problems – Interior & Exterior

In this comprehensive guide, we outline 22 interior and exterior signs of foundation problems and provide insights on prevention and remediation.

Interior Signs of Foundation Problems

Foundation issues can manifest in various ways throughout your home. Watch for these common signs:

  1. Separating floors
  2. Cracks above window frames
  3. Gaps in window and door frames
  4. Cracks above door frames
  5. Uneven floors
  6. Cracks in garage floors
  7. Doors not closing properly
  8. Cracks in drywall
  9. Doors not opening smoothly
  10. Tile cracks
  11. Significant increases in water bills

If left unaddressed, these signs will persist even after superficial repairs.

Exterior Signs of Foundation Problems

Examine your home’s exterior for these indicators of foundation issues:

  1. Cracks in brickwork
  2. Leaning chimneys
  3. Sagging garage door frames
  4. Separating window frames
  5. Gutters draining into the foundation
  6. Leaning mailboxes
  7. Water pooling against the foundation
  8. Broken driveways
  9. Cracked patios or porch slabs
  10. Walls pulling away from the house
  11. Expansion joint separation

Purchasing or maintaining a home requires the utmost attention to its structural integrity, particularly when it comes to the foundation. Recognizing the signs of foundation problems is essential to avoid costly repairs and ensure the safety of your property. In North Texas, where expansive soil and unpredictable weather can exacerbate foundation issues, homeowners must be vigilant.

Important Note: Always obtain an independent foundation inspection when purchasing a home, regardless of the property’s apparent condition. Do not rely solely on the buyer or buyer’s realtor for foundation assessments and repairs.


Always obtain a foundation inspection before purchasing or renovating a home. Take proactive steps to prevent foundation issues and secure multiple quotes for repairs. Familiarize yourself with the signs of foundation problems to identify and address them promptly.

Download our free checklist detailing these signs and prevention tips, and explore additional resources on our free resources page.

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